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10 years, 7 months ago
asked about Barbed Wire

I currently in my 6th week of beginners pole dancing, and we learned the barbed wire (or the corkscrew, as we were taught it). I've found this one particularly difficult - I just don't trust myself and my feet don't want to come off the ground! Is this any tips you could give me for this move? Also any tips to strengthen my arms to reassure myself that I can hold myself up?
I actually pulled a muscle in my arm (placed on the bottom) tonight, so any little thing could help

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10 years, 7 months ago

Hey lovelauren, Doesn't sound good that you've pulled a muscle - ouch! Make sure you get better before you start to train again. The key with the Barbed Wire when you're learning it is to keep your centre of gravity low. Place your bottom hand lower than you think as this will mean you have less far to lift your legs off - to gain your confidence. Jenny demos this move with an almost straight top arm. You can instead place your top hand much lower than you think and have a bent top arm - by bending this will allow your bicep to engage more rather than just using shoulder strength (which as beginners are often much weaker). Also try experimenting this move in both directions - I find I do this on the opposite side to what I think will work - ie. my dominant hand (my right) is at the top of the pole not the bottom. Lastly really think about bringing your pelvis and hips into the pole - so it's like your trying to put your tummy flat on the pole. Remember to twist your hips so this can happen. Good luck!

9 years, 2 months ago

Lucy: Thanks for the tips! I've been having trouble with this move as well. But as soon as I tried to do as you described it started to work! Now I need to practise some more^^

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